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Big Sister Final Details

Thank you for joining the Tree Lyfe Family!

At Tree Lyfe we are calling you Big Sisters as opposed to reps, just like real life big sisters, our brand is about inspiring others to embrace their struggles and believe in themselves.

It’s your mission as a Tree Lyfe Big Sister to remind friends and family that just like a tree their growth starts from a tiny seed and flourishes into a thriving tree, and the obstacles they go through give them the strength to become the best version of themselves.

We’d also love to do an exclusive interview with you so you can be featured in our Inspiring Stories section. 

Our goal is to create a strong community of support, acceptance, and empowerment. We want to share real life stories of people who overcame their struggles and turned those difficult moments into growing experiences, to help inspire others to do the same.

Commission Details

You will earn 40% commission on each sale you refer.

That's $40 in your pocket for every $100 in sales!

To track your referrals you created a rep discount code when you signed up and we sent it to you as a reminder in the initial email.

Your referrals will get 10% off with that code.

Place your rep code which will be known as your Big Sister code in your IG bio and tag @betreelyfe 

Step 1

In order to officially sign up you must order the following 3 bracelets. 

These 3 bracelets regularly retail for $62 and you only pay $22 plus you will get 4 inspirational stickers valued at $12 for FREE.

That is a total value of $74 for $22. You save 70%! ($52 off in total)

  • 1 Plant Your Future bracelet

  • 1 Fortune Tree bracelet

  • 1 Dream Catcher bracelet

With your 40% commission, you only need to sell $55 worth of products to earn your $22 back which is as little as selling 3 bracelets!

Use discount code WE ARE TREE LYFE and only select the 3 bracelets. We will automatically include 4 stickers when we ship your order

Click here to begin selecting your bracelets.