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Campus Rep Big Brother Signup

Thank you for joining the Tree Lyfe Family!

At Tree Lyfe we are calling you Big Sisters and Big Brothers as opposed to reps.

Just like real life big sisters and big brothers, our brand is about inspiring each other to be the best they can be.

It’s your mission as a Tree Lyfe Big Brother to remind friends and family that all experiences they go through are necessary to become a smarter, stronger, and wiser person.

We’d also love to do an exclusive interview with you so you can be featured in our Inspiring People section which we are currently creating for our website.

Commission Details

You will earn 30% commission on each sale you refer.

To track your referrals you will create a discount code after you order so your referrals can use it to purchase.

Your referrals will get 10% off with that code.

You will also get your own web page to be able to track your referrals.

Place your rep code which will be known as your Big Sister code in your IG bio and tag @betreelyfe 

Step 1

Add 1 of each of the following bracelets to your cart.
Your Starter Pack includes the following 2 bracelets:
  • 1 Constant Growth bracelet
  • 1 Good Spirits Wrap bracelet

These 2 bracelets combine retail for $52.98 and you will get them for $25 which is just over 50% off!

Step 2

Use discount code bigbrother at checkout to receive your discount.

Step 3

Follow @betreelyfe

Step 4

Complete your order.

Complete Step 1 by selecting the color of your choice for each of the following bracelets.

Use discount code bigbrother at checkout to get these 2 bracelets for $25 (retail value is $52.98)

We will include 30 inspirational stickers for you to put your Big Brother discount code on the back to hand out to likely customers to help create awareness. They will automatically be included in your order. 

Step 3 - Click here to follow our main Instagram account for all the latest Tree Lyfe info

Chances are you are following one of our affiliate Instagram accounts and not our main account @betreelyfe so it is very important to make sure you follow our main account.