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Campus Rep Signup


Thank you for joining the Tree Lyfe Family!

At Tree Lyfe we are calling you Big Sisters as opposed to reps, just like real life big sisters, our brand is about inspiring others to embrace their struggles and believe in themselves.

It’s your mission as a Tree Lyfe Big Sister to remind those in on your campus and in your community that just like a tree, their growth starts from a tiny seed and flourishes into a thriving tree, and the obstacles they go through give them the strength to become the best version of themselves.

We’d also love to do an exclusive interview with you so you can be featured in our Inspiring Stories section.

Our goal is to create a strong community of support, acceptance, and empowerment. We want to share real life stories of people who overcame their struggles and turned those difficult moments into growing experiences, to help inspire others to do the same.               

Responsibilities as a Big Sister

Create a Team

As a Big Sister at your school,  it is required that you put together a team of a minimum of 3 members (including yourself).

These members will work with you to coordinate and execute all the events, meetups, strategies, and public communication.

As the leader of your team, you will earn 10% commission of the sales of each person you nominate to your team.

Create Events To Spread Our Mission

An example of an event is to setup tables around campus to handout Tree Lyfe stickers and showcase our products, the intention is to spread the word regarding our mission and brand to as many people as possible on your campus.

You and your team will be responsible to come up with exciting ideas for new events to hold on your campus.

Social Media

Setup a Facebook and Instagram account for your chapter to provide the most up to date info to everyone associated with your crew.

This is a great place to create giveaways and contests.


  • 40% commission on the sale of all goods - except Starter Packs or combined with any other sale event greater than 10% off unless notified of prior.
  • 15% commission on wholesale orders
  • 10% commission for every sale of each person you recruit to join your team - if you recruit 10+ team members you will receive 10% commission for each of their sales, so creating a large team is encouraged.