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Our Mission

Our name is Tree Lyfe, and we are on a mission to remind people that just like a tree, in order to grow we have to fight through the dirt and darkness to reach the light.

Every obstacle we experience gives us the strength to become the best version of ourselves. 

We plant a tree for each bracelet sold as a personal reminder that even if we start as a small seed, we can all reach incredible heights.

Our Campus Rep Program 

The Tree Lyfe program is available to everyone who is passionate about helping others and making the world a better place.

As a Tree Lyfe Campus Rep, you will play a key role in raising awareness about our social mission, selling our products, and empowering those in your community. 

Our Campus Reps (or as we call them, Big Sisters and Big Brothers) are responsible for being the face and extension of our mission, and true role models in the community.

The Benefits of Joining our Family

Campus Reps will be creating a grassroots movement of acceptance and through that be able to build connections and friendships with like-minded Big Sisters and Big Brothers nationwide.

You and your team will gain valuable leadership and marketing skills, while having the freedom to be creative and design your own school-specific marketing plans. 

Our Big Sisters and Big Brothers will be regarded as the roots of our brand and will be compensated accordingly - Campus Reps will receive 40% commission of every sale made.