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Our Mission

Tree Lyfe's mission is to remind you that the obstacles we face in life, good and bad, are exactly what we need to become smarter, stronger, and wiser.

Our struggles are lessons that allow us to grow into better versions of ourselves. 

We plant a tree for every bracelet sold so that you have a real life symbol of your journey in which your growth starts from a tiny seed and flourishes into a thriving tree. 

We want to empower you to invest in your personal growth, believe in your strength, and never stop persevering because just like a tree the sky is your limit. 

We are looking for those who passionate about creating a community of support, acceptance, and empowerment to join the Tree Lyfe Family. 

Activist Perks
  • Receive 10% commission for every person you refer to us that completes a purchase
  • Be the first to know about new products & promotions
  • Chance to win free bracelets & other prizes
  • Be apart of a community that promotes positivity, self-growth, and the empowerment of others. 
  • Personal Discounts 
  • Discounts for friends & family
  • Real-life marketing experience
  • Weekly challenges only reps get to participate in
Activist Responsibilities
  • Share our mission through social media
  • Promote and share our mission with friends and family