Our Promise to help you #letthelovewander with our Buy 1, Give 1 program


We know how amazing it feels to do something special for someone that we care about. We know you know that feeling as well.

We want to create that feeling again and again every time you buy one of our products.

So with our Buy 1, Give 1 promise you get to do something special for someone every time you buy from us.

For each product you buy, you'll get to give away an equal # of free bracelets to anyone that has helped you along your journey and write that person or people a special message accompanying each free bracelet. 

Every time someone wears their bracelet they received because of your generosity they will be reminded of you and the touching message that you wrote to them.

Those kind words can not only make their day, but they can stick with them for a lifetime. 

Watch the short video to find out exactly how our Buy 1, Give 1 promise works


 The Free Giveaway Bracelets

If you have been on the receiving end of a special message from someone close to you, these are the bracelets you can select from and we will send you one for free.