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Video Interview Details

Tree Lyfe's mission is to remind people that we all have challenging times in life, but if we use those moments as learning experiences, they are the most profound moments in our life that will help us to grow into stronger, smarter, and better overall people.

Our goal with this interview is for you to be an inspiration to others and to show them they are not alone in their challenges because every single person is or has dealt with something and just like you, they too can overcome the obstacles they face.

Step 1

Please complete the questions below.

Step 2

When you finish Step 1 please answer the following questions in video format using your phone or webcam:

What is the hardest situation you have dealt with in your life and how did you overcome it?

How old were you when you were dealing with this?

When stating how old you were when you were dealing with this and if it was a lasting situation, please state how long it lasted eg., "my anxiety started when I was 15 and it took 4 years to overcome, but even to this day I still have to deal with it at 24 years old." 

At the bottom of the page is an example of the video interview.

Please try not to go over 5 min for your video, but if you need more time to go into depth we are fine with that.

Step 3

When you've completed the video you can upload it by clicking here.

After you've made your video, please change your video file name to your Instagram name before you submit it to the link so we know who submitted it.

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 Example of Step 2