"Everything that I had ever known seemed to have been a lie."

Bettina's experience happened at 9 years old.
When I was nine years old (third grade) I was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability (basically means that it's hard for me to pick up on social cues and I have to work harder than everyone else to achieve the same results), parents divorced, and both of my grandparents on my Mom's side passed. It was safe to say that, that year was one of the hardest years of my life. Everything that I had ever known seemed to have been a lie. I decided during that time that I had a choice to make I could either be the person that decided to wallow in my self-pity or I could be a winner, a person that would take charge of my own life and be powerful /strong. I decided to take charge of my life, spend hours studying if that's what it took, I used dance class as a therapy tool (which became my rock), and ever since I made that decision doors have continued to open up for me. I am proud to be able to say that I have survived and know that if you are going through something similar you can too.
Written by Bettina Mahoney
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