"I felt alone even when I had all my friends by my side and I didn’t think anyone would care if I suddenly disappeared."

Laura's biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 15 years old...
The hardest situation in my life was when I was in my Sophomore year of high school.
I was suffering immensely with my mental health which caused me to do horribly with my classes. My sophomore year health assisting teacher made matters worse when she constantly called me out during class for not doing the procedures correctly.
Every day there seemed to be another thing wrong with me that she just needed to call me out on.
This took a tremendous toll on me and since I was already feeling horrible about myself and her comments just added fuel to the voices in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough.
I felt alone even when I had all my friends by my side and I didn’t think anyone would care if I suddenly disappeared.
Not only was I suffering at school but my parents seemed to always be fighting and things at home were a little rocky.
It got to the point where I finally decided to end my life. I didn’t succeed and I was hospitalized for two weeks.
I later went through therapy and I have learned that I need to love myself more and give myself more credit.
I am finally able to accept my flaws and I have learned how to cope with difficulties in my own way.
There are still times where I feel down but that’s okay because it’s okay to let yourself feel sad once in a while in order to make yourself happy later on.
Laura's biggest inspiration is...
My biggest inspiration is my mom. She is such a strong woman who has faced many obstacles and overcame them all. She has love for everyone and is kind to anyone she meets. My mom is a force to be reckoned with and has a heart of gold. I wish to be half the person she is as I get older.
Laura's biggest accomplishment was when she was 17 years old...
My biggest accomplishment is becoming a CNA.
I went to a vocational high school and was in the Health Assisting program which at the time was a very competitive shop to get into.
I worked hard learning all about the health care field and how to take care of others.
My junior year of high school was the year that I had to take the CNA exam which consisted of a written test and a hands on exam.
A month after the exam I found out I passed and I was beyond happy.
I am able to work in the nursing homes and hospitals. I actually worked at a hospital in the city where I live over the summer and it was a great experience! Having my CNA license is a great way to get me starters in the health care field where I want to be in my future.
Written by Laura Bermol.
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