"He truly completes me and when we are together..."

"Being single and over 50, I found myself taking an early retirement as a CEO to care for my elderly parents. Living in a small town in NW Arkansas and staying most nights with my parents as their caregiver, I could see first hand how important it was to have a soulmate by your side as you age. My parents were married just short of 75 years before my dad passed away. Living in a small rural town in Arkansas and staying most nights with my parents, I knew it would be difficult to have the available time to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, so my sister encouraged me to sign up for an upscale matchmaking company. After extensive interviews of what type of person I was looking for and a considerable investment into the program, the company assured me the right match would be in their reach. I met several of their matches but didn’t seem to find anyone that met the criteria important to me. Discouraged that my membership was over and the dream of finding that match probably wasn’t going to happen, I was driving in my car when I got a call from this dating service. I almost didn’t answer it because I assumed they were just wanting me to renew my membership. But for some reason, I pulled over and took the call. As the representative on the other end explained that she knew my membership had expired but that they had a perfect match and wanted to offer me a complimentary match. I reluctantly agreed to meet him for a Sunday brunch in a neighboring town. I had been praying that God would send the right person to me if it was His will. Long story short, a meeting was arranged, with this so called ‘perfect match’. I wasn’t going to get my hopes up as I assumed he’d not be much different than the previous matches. Our introductory lunch went surprisingly well. And we began talking by phone the following week. The longer we talked the more things we found in common and the more we would find ourselves laughing together on the phone. We both found out we liked the same food, loved the same music, and we even found ourselves thinking just alike. I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone so quickly in my life. He’s like a male version of myself and he feels the same about me. When we are together, neither of us have to give up anything because we both enjoy doing the exact same things. Neither of us dated anyone else from the moment we met and although I had been married before and have two grown children, I’ve never experienced such a deep love for someone. He truly completes me and when we are together, I am at peace in my relationship. No more looking at other loving couples and wishing I had what they had. I now have it for myself, and God’s perfect timing has literally made everything fall in to place for us. Truly, we are stronger together. So, when I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and saw the Stronger Together bracelet, I knew I wanted us to both have them as a constant reminder that once we are married and become one, we will be stronger together. . Our wedding is set for 1/12/21 and we couldn’t be happier. My plan is for us to open the bracelets together on our wedding day". - Kristy Noble

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