Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why Matching Mother Daughter Bracelets Help You Both Stay Connected

1. It is a Reminder of How Much You Care

Your daughter grew up idolizing you. And now that she isn't around as much anymore, these little bracelets are the cutest way to always be together.

And since she'll always be your little baby regardless of how much of an adult she has become, the sentimental connection is perfect for you as well.

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2. Makes Down Days Easier

Everyone struggles from time to time. And as your daughter is trying to find her place in the world, it can be very challenging.

Wearing matching bracelets reminds her of her safe place with you and that you always support her.

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3. Expression of Gratitude

Wearing matching bracelets can be a way to express gratitude and appreciation for each other.

She's your daughter. Show her how much you believe in her by letting her know you're always there with her as she's on her journey!

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4. Symbol of Unity

Is there a bond naturally stronger than a Mother Daughter?

It's unfair how you raise a beautiful child and in a blink of an eye she has moved out. Yes, she may have been a pain in the rear at times, but nothing can come in-between your unconditional love.

ISo don't forget, it's just as important for you to feel her always with you as it is for her.

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5. A Tree is Planted for each Bracelet Set Purchased as a Symbol of your Growth

Just like a tree, your growth starts as a tiny seed and has to fight through the dirt and darkness to reach the light to grow into a strong thriving tree.

Plus, we believe giving back is essential. As a brand that revolves around connection and growth, we think it's essential to help out where we can. To date we have helped plant over 120,000 trees!

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Don't just take our word for it...

My bf and I love the bracelets. He's been wearing it for 6 months without complaining! I received them super-fast!

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Jamie S.

I can not say how much I love our bracelets!!! I bought matching bracelets for me and my boyfriend 2 years ago. We have worn them everyday for 2 years. They have endured swimming pools, ocean water and daily showers and still look new!!! We literally have not taken them off!!! The quality is amazing!!! Thank you guys so much for the great product!!!! I recently bought our second matching brackets for Christmas!! We love them already!!!

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Kim C.

I used to hate when my girlfriend would try and get me to wear matching magnet bracelets! Finally I found one that I actually like.

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Martin J.