Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why Your Husband Won't Hate Our Couple Bracelets

1. You Matter More To Us Than You Will Ever Know

Knowing you think we make you feel Stronger and having that reminder every day; it feels like we are the luckiest guy in the world to have you.

2. We Will Do Anything To Make You Happy

This is true, but here's a little secret; this doesn't just make you happy. We love feeling like we are your protector!

3. You Already Know This, But We Would Be Lost Without You

Yes, you did this to us, and you have known this all along. Please be nice and don't rub it in. Behind the masculine exterior, we are madly in love with you and need you more than anything.

4. Lifetime Guarantee

Our bracelets are made with stainless steel that will never tarnish; lifetime guaranteed! If they do send them back at any point and we will replace them free of charge!

5. A tree is planted for each bracelet set purchased

We believe giving back is essential. As a brand that revolves around connection, we think it's essential to help out where we can. To date we have helped plant over 120,000 trees!

What they say about their matching bracelets...

My bf and I love the bracelets. He's been wearing it for 6 months without complaining! I received them super-fast!

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Jamie S.

I can not say how much I love our bracelets!!! I bought matching bracelets for me and my boyfriend 2 years ago. We have worn them everyday for 2 years. They have endured swimming pools, ocean water and daily showers and still look new!!! We literally have not taken them off!!! The quality is amazing!!! Thank you guys so much for the great product!!!! I recently bought our second matching brackets for Christmas!! We love them already!!!

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Kim C.

I used to hate when my girlfriend would try and get me to wear matching magnet bracelets! Finally I found one that I actually like.

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Martin J.