"I would have had much less time dealing with sad and self sabotaging emotions."

Matthew's experiences started at age 18.

"When I was younger my family was evicted from our house on two separate occasions. My parents always tried their best to bring in enough money to afford a little extra other than the basic necessities, but that always led to financial struggles.
Eventually, after years and years of always being behind on bills, limited electricity, and food, the stress was too much and it drove my parents apart and they eventually got divorced.
It was really hard for everyone to deal with. The emotional pain of not having our family together and the loss of our childhood home took years to finally let go of.
When I finally accepted the circumstances of my life it was a 1000 lbs. weight off my shoulders.
I realized that regardless of if I liked the outcome of this experience, I couldn't do anything to influence it.
Sometimes holding on to certain experiences only holds us back. If I were able to accept the outcome sooner and move on I would have had much less time dealing with sad and self-sabotaging emotions.
The sooner I let go, the sooner I would have been able to enjoy life to its fullest again.
I apply this methodology with every hurdle I come up against in my life now.
Through the process it made me more compassionate for others knowing that even though on the surface it may not seem like everyone I come into contact with is going through a tough time, chances are they are dealing with something or someone in their life that is creating emotional stress.
Sometimes even a simple smile can brighten someone's day!

And struggles are relative. What seems minor to someone, could be devastating to others."

Written by Matthew Coatsworth


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