"Through the ups and downs, it seemed as if we'd lost each other forever."

Grace's experience happened in her 20's
I've been fortunate to not have had to experience anything too difficult, but my relationship journey has certainly tested my strength. My husband and I grew up together, fell in love young, and were high school sweethearts. Life soon took us separate ways and our 4 years apart were some of the toughest emotional times I've gone through. Through the ups and downs, it seemed as if we'd lost each other forever. Walking through life with your first love haunting your dreams and filling your thoughts, while trying to move on, is secretly debilitating. Finally, I became brave enough to pursue him, and I set aside my fear, past hurt, and logically sound planning habits. I quit my job, and moved to a city I loved, where he happened to have relocated, with no job, and no place to live. For the first time in my life, I didn't have a plan. For that, I'm so thankful - I soon found a place, and now have my dream job, and married to the love of my life, literally. Sometimes we know what we need, but we're too stubborn to follow our own hearts. When you finally decide to let it lead, the best things always happen.
Written by Grace Hudson
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