"Before my daughter turned one her father attempted to stab me to death for breaking up with him"

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Sherrita's biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 19...

I have had multiple obstacles,I was born premature, parents were on drugs broken home , sexual assault and just ostracized for being different! I love my quirkiness and intelligence it's what makes me me!

But my biggest obstacle was before my daughter turned one her father attempted to stab me to death for breaking up with him! It was a scary moment but I knew I had to live to be the best mother I could be! I knew she couldn't grow up in dysfunction!

It forever changed how I lived my life! It forever changed how I parented!

In a few short moments my beautiful life would've been over! I now tell people to recognize the signs because they are there!

It didn't stop me though because my daughter has blossomed without a father in her life! She's smart and a true beautiful soul for a nine year old!

Sherrita's biggest inspiration is...

Ángela Davis ..I used to watch her interviews and read her books!

I met her when my daughter was a few months old! She is so smart and poised! She has a purpose to change the lives of African Americans, woman and bring change to social Injustice!

Her activism inspired me to be awake and aware of my world!

I will leave an impact on this world by making a change! She also taught me not to change for any one and to love education so I can educate those around me about things that impact our world.

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