"The hardest situation I have ever had to dealt with was recovering from a broken neck."

Elizabeth's biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 22 years old...

The hardest situation I have ever had to dealt with was recovering from a broken neck.

On February 17, 2017 a tree broke and fell on me, crushing me in my car while I was driving. I crawled out of the drivers side window and was later rushed in an ambulance to the nearest hospital where I was taken care of by amazing doctors and nurses.

What seemed like a normal day turned into the worst/best day of my life.

I knew once I was under the care of the paramedics that I was going to be okay.

As a dancer though, being told I had a fractured neck and wouldn't be able to dance for my last semester of college was devastating. I wanted nothing more than to be able to share the stage with my graduating class. I wanted to share my passion with my friends and family.

Laying in bed not being able to move was really difficult for me. I decided that I could either hate every day in my neck brace, or I could see what new challenges I could embrace.

I woke up each more with a smile on my face because I was alive. God has chosen me to continue living my life and I'm doing just that.

I didn't give up even when I really wanted to. Each day is a new to be alive and I am forever grateful for my time here on earth.

Elizabeth's biggest inspiration is...

My biggest inspiration is my mom. She is always working over time to make sure that my sister, my dad, and myself are always at our best. She always makes sure that we are okay before putting herself first. She is the hardest working lady I know and I am so incredibly blessed to be her daughter. She is the brightest light in this world and I can't thank her enough for always being there for me.

Elizabeth's biggest accomplishment was when she was 22 years old...

My biggest accomplishment would have to be graduating with a BFA in Dance from CalArts!

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