"I attempted to take my life when I was 14 and I was failing all of my classes in school"

Jenna's biggest obstacle to deal with was when she was 12 years old...

I was raped when I was 12, then I dealt with severe clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, paranoia, panic disorder, and mood disorder.

I attempted to take my life when I was 14 and I was failing all of my classes in school.

Since then, I have become a motivational speaker, helped several people come out with their sexuality and what has happened to them, and I have stopped many people from attempting to take their own lives.

I am so grateful I survived all that has happened to me, it has only made me stronger.

I now have a 4.0 GPA and will be graduating a year early with honors and will already have 12 college credits.

I am getting scholarship offers from several of the greatest schools in the nation and I am one of the best students in my school.

I also have volunteered at several animal shelters and community projects. I have helped rehabilitate over 4 dogs and a few cats.

I have completely turned my life around.

Jenna's biggest inspiration is...

My biggest inspiration is my grandmother, she was born in Budapest, Hungary 4 years before World War ll began.

When she was 4 she had to escape her war torn home and move from Hungary to other places so that she wouldn't be killed.

Around the time she was 7, with my great grandparents and her siblings took a ferry to the United States. She has been a citizen here ever since.

She saw so much war, so many people she knew had lost loved ones, she lost her home, and yet she stayed strong.

She now has a husband, 2 children, and 4 grandchildren.

She is loved by so many people and continues to fight everyday. She sees the beauty in everything.

My grandmother has helped me through more than I could ever ask her to help me through. She has always done everything she can to make sure me and my family have a good home and feel loved. That is why she is my inspiration. I want to be as close to as good of a person as I can to her.

Written by Jenna Griffith.

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Your love for life now is an inspiration to others. In the midst of heartache you were able to move forward – it is not easy. I hope many others who consider ending their own lives will know they do have a gift to give to others and find beauty and healing in reaching out to help someone in need.

Teri Moore November 16, 2017

So glad you shared your story and this wonderful site with me. I will share it with others, I know who are also suffering, as I know it will bring them hope. Although I have not known you long, I am so impressed by your loving, caring, compassionate, and generous spirit. I love that you work at the Frisco Animal Shelter and that you have worked hard to save animals as well as humans that are suffering. You will, no doubt, continue to go far and do amazing things with your life. Please give a hug to your grandmother- she is here so you could be here.

Therese White November 15, 2017

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