"I decided I wasn't happy and that I needed a change"

Amberly's biggest obstacle to was when she was 21...

Fortunately, I haven't had one big tragedy I've needed to overcome. If I had to choose a situation though, I would probably pick this past fall.

I was in a very low place, not wanting to leave my house, talk to people, etc. I decided I wasn't happy and that I needed a change. I chose to come home from school and re-build myself personally, financially, socially, all of the above.

At first I felt like a huge let down, but I can't say I regret it. While I still struggle with some situations, I choose to see the positive. At first, it was hard to get myself motivated, but I used my dog as inspiration at first.

I know it sounds silly, but I'd look at him and think "Remmy NEEDS to be walked today," and so I'd walk him. Eventually it turned into me getting excited to take my dog on a hike again. I am now sure to get him out at least once a day.

The goal isn't just to get Remmy out anymore though, I've found my motivation and zest for life again, it seems. I could say I got out of my slump by myself, but I'd be lying. My puppers was there the whole time.

Amberly's biggest inspiration is...

My grandfather is my biggest inspiration. He has never once told me to change who I am. In a world where you're expected to dress, act, live, and learn a certain way, he always inspires me to re-work the mold.

Many people don't understand my want to travel, move, explore, etc. I recently decided to take a semester off from college to really figure out what I wanted to do. I could tell this disappointed my family.

The last time I went to visit them, he looked at me and said "I love your adventures. Don't let anyone dampen that for you. You have always had this light and love for life. I love that".

He's never failed to see the good in me, even when I fail to see it in myself. The love he has for his family is unfailing.

Written by Amberly Miller 

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