"I know now that I am worth saving. I wish I could take back that night"

Lexie's biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 18...
The hardest experience I've dealt in life was back in 2013 when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts. I ended up acting on the suicidal thoughts that fall and crashed my car into a tree on the side of a road. It was very traumatizing. I thankfully didn't get physically hurt.
I still carry emotional hurt from that day, but I truly believe I heal more and more every day. Though I was ashamed of my struggles back then, I make the effort to be open about them now - to fight stigma, for my own personal healing, and for anyone out there who can relate.
I know now that I am allowed to reach out for help if I ever feel that way again, and most importantly, I know now that I am worth saving. I wish I could take back that night; I can't though, so I've learned to accept the hurt and turn my pain into power by getting better and sharing my story.
If there was one thing in the world Lexie would like to do it is...

I f I could do anything in the world, I'd want to be a speaker. I consider myself a strong mental health advocate, but anxiety and worries get in the way of my achieving all I'd like to do and be. I'd love to travel the world and share a story of hope with others struggling with mental illness.
Lexie's biggest inspiration is...
My biggest inspiration would have to be Taylor Swift. While I have always admired her strength, relatable music and loving and humble messages, the strength she showed in her recent court case, which occurred because she was sexually assaulted, was something I hope to emulate even a portion of in the face of my own struggles in life. Taylor inspires me to be honest and authentic, and now, to speak up when things are not right.
Written by Lexie Manion.
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LobeAvefe March 17, 2021

Shameless, and hopeless. To have someone straying so far from reality. But first I do agree that we should all respect each and everyone’s body, regardless of how it is. However if you glorify the act of being unhealthy to make that point, you have only made an utter excuse for yourself to continue your unhealthy binging. And trust me the world doesn’t care, whether you die of diabetes, of a cardiac arrest or a stroke, but if you are teaching the future generations, to lead a life of utter ignorance, then perhaps it’s about time you learn of your fallacious approach to enforcing a healthy body image. This indoctrination should end, still i wish you lead a more prudent and pragmatic lifestyle

Anonymous December 08, 2017

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