"I watched him pack his things and leave out the window, the term “window pane” should be spelled “window pain”"

Alejandra biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 13...

My dad left us when I was 13. He left out of the blue, and left my moms heart and mine shattered. I watched him pack his things and leave out the window, the term “window pane” should be spelled “window pain” for that reason.

My heart broke, my grades slipped, I blew off hanging with my friends, my mom and I became distant from a lot of people and the things we used to do very often.

My mom took on a full time job to help pay bills, and I was left alone in my house from time to time, and from time to time I would mentally break down and scream at everything for working out like that.

But now, I’m 16. I have good grades, a solid lifestyle and a set goal for my life. Things might be bad, but you have to learn to grow despite all of the weeds around you.

Alejandra's biggest accomplishment was...

My biggest accomplishment was probably making my decision to go into the Air Force after college.

In my life for a long period of time my mom and I were financially unstable, the fact that we had to choose if we wanted McDonald’s for dinner or if we wanted to pay our electricity really hurt me.

I was mad at my mom for a long time for “not making enough money” but things changed, and now we’re ahead of our bills. By going into the Air Force, I have automatic stability- for myself, and if I ever decide to have kids one day, they won’t ever have to worry.

Alejandra's biggest inspiration is...

My mom, I know that’s sorta cliche but I really do look up to her.

My mom and I went through some really hard times a couple years ago. In sixth grade my dad completely left us out of the blue with no heat, no electricity and our pantry was empty.

Naturally my mom became depressed, as did I. It took us 4 years to officially move on from the situation. For a long time after that I thought I was the reason he left, and was beating myself up for it- and. it. sucked.

High School finally came and I finally realized that it wasn’t my fault. I realized that if i wanted something, I’d have to work for it to make it happen, and by me learning that I fixed a lot of problems in my life.

I'm currently in 11th grade, and I have good grades, a good gpa, a good life, a wonderful, inspirational mom, and I’ve been dating the same guy for two years. Things happen, you can either run from it or grow from it. I chose to grow.

Written by Alejandra Fajardo.

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