"The hardest situation I have dealt with to date was the passing of my father. Four years ago he unfortunately committed suicide and it crushed me."

Macarena's biggest obstacle to overcome was when she was 20 years old...

The hardest situation I have dealt with to date was the passing of my father. Four years ago he unfortunately committed suicide and it crushed me. Part of my soul left me.

In this situation, it's hard to say if I have fully overcome the sadness, pain and the millions of questions I have, however I have ways to deal with it when I feel down.

My go to for this is music, it's a way for me to meditate. Whenever I feel lost or about to break, I put the headphones on and just listen, loudly.

I have found that doing heavy weight exercise whilst listening to music helps me more, it pushes me and makes me feel a whole lot better at the end.

My friends and family obviously help me too, but I feel that it's a little more of a personal thing to deal with.

Since this has happened to me, my eyes have been opened into seeing the world for what is really is Unknown (in my opinion). Things happen and we are just meant to deal with them the best way we can. But for some it's not just as easy.

It has taken me four years to finally come to terms and accept that I should no longer think of what I could have done, but what I can do to prevent anyone else's life from ending this way.

Suicide should never be the answer for anyone. It is our duty, human to human, to take the time and care for the people around us, to be the light that helps others see their lives matter. I'm now able to understand and see the true meaning of being a kind person, helping those in need, being able to listen to people who just need to talk.

Macarena's biggest inspiration is...

I can't say that I have 1 person who fully inspires me. However I do have someone that I look up to and follow closely because I like the way she portrays herself and life. Dara Hayes - Also Known as DJ Tigerlily - is someone I really look up to.

Following her social media pages since she became a DJ has opened me to be a better version of myself. She is very passionate about health and fitness, Mental well-being, animal rights and of course Music! One thing that really attracted me to follow her was her passionate snapchat stories about being a kind person, being good to other people and accepting everyone. which is really important to me.

Macarena's biggest accomplishment was when she was 11...

I have many accomplishments, but one that comes to mind right now was learning English at the age of 11 within 3 months. I'm originally from Ushuaia, Argentina, but I moved to to Christchurch, New Zealand at 11.

I only really knew the basics of the English Language... Hello, bye, thank you, yes and no. Nothing more.

I was practically thrown into middle school without tutors or translators, I remembered using basic sign language to understand school mates and teachers. It was hard. One day I was just so frustrated I decided to put more effort into learning, no Spanish at home, trying to read english, watching movies in english, listening to music etc. Within 3 months of moving I was fluent.

Written by Macarena Alegre.

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