"My brother died. And what made that harder was that he committed suicide"

Darcie's hardest obstacle to overcome was when she was 11 years old...

The hardest situation that has happened in my life, would be when my brother died. And what made that harder was that he committed suicide, I was only 11 at the time and this really broke my father, as he was my half brother.

My mum was shocked and heart broken about it too as they were both so close.

He was 19.

What helped me overcome it was probably my father, see him be so strong about it, even though I know he was broken inside. But my family and I are both believers in God, and my dad told me that he came to him in a dream one night that he said he was safe and happy in heaven.

You just need to know that you are not alone, and you always have someone watching over you. I still get upset to this day but it makes it easier knowing he's okay, and that like I said you are not alone in any obstacle you come to in life, everything will be okay no matter how hard it seems now.

 Darcie's Biggest inspiration is...

My biggest inspiration is probably my mum and dad.

I have seen those two go through hell and back and still be able to support our family.

My dad is probably the most generous man there is, he is a very successful business man, and throughout his success there has also been failure, yet he has always given to other people, even when he isn't doing so great himself.

He has given people money, cars, advice, houses, food, and the list goes on, and how do these people repay him when he is going down a rough path? Nothing and they turn on him, but yet my dad still manages to help them and move forward.

My mum has always been there for me and is the kindest women I know, they have raised me so well and I am forever grateful because no matter what they are going through they always manage to keep a smile on their face and move forward to support our family.

Written by Darcie Morris

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