"I was depressed and uncertain and I couldn't understand that it was real-- that my best friend was just gone."

Molly's hardest obstacle to overcome was when she was 20.

"When I was in high school, I met Gabi. She quickly became my best friend.

We were inseparable until I left for college in another state, and staying in touch became more difficult. We still talked every few days and we still considered each other family.

Last November, in 2016, I found out that Gabi had committed suicide. Having talked to her the day before, the news came as a shock to me.

I was depressed and uncertain and I couldn't understand that it was real-- that my best friend was just gone.

Life was dreary and miserable for at least a month, but I started thinking about how Gabi wouldn't have wanted me to be so sad because of her.

I started focusing on living a life that would make her proud. I just pictured her watching me and cheering me on from the sidelines. It helped a lot to focus on the future instead of the past and present."

When Molly was 20 she achieved her biggest accomplishment.

"My biggest accomplishment would have to be finishing my first novel.

My dream is to be an author, but I have so many ideas in my head that it becomes hard to stick to one concept long enough to finish a full novel. However, this past year I finally completed my first book.

It was a hard journey, especially with being in college at the same time and working three jobs. But doing it was completely worth it."

Molly's biggest inspiration is...

"My biggest inspiration is my dad.

He's such a kindhearted individual, even though he's gone through some hard times recently. He's always willing to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on.I'm lucky to have a father as down to earth and hardworking as he is.

I can remember sitting on his shoulders as a child and playing with his hair to make him turn in different directions as we wandered down the streets in our neighborhood.

My dad has been a pilot for as long as I can remember and he puts his entire heart and soul into his career.

I look up to him for several reasons, the biggest being that he's been my best friend for as long as I can remember."

Written by Molly Hall.

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