"It’s crazy how much feelings can mess you up, when you wake up everyday feeling your heart pinching from the pain"

Sabrina's biggest obstacle to overcome started when she was 21.

"It might sound stupid but the hardest situation I had to deal with in my life was an emotional pain.

It’s crazy how much feelings can mess you up, when you wake up everyday feeling your heart pinching from the pain, when you don’t feel like doing anything anymore because you just can’t see the point in it.

It can make you so exhausted and take out the best of you away, making it the most miserable days of your existence. Somehow, there is always a way to get over it. In order to make it happen, I had to focus on myself, set new goals, find new passions and new activities to spend my days.

So, I started working out almost everyday, I began spending way more time into photography, taking amazing shots in the nature while hiking and reminding me of how beautiful this life is and how lucky we are to be alive and being able to discover this planet’s beauty everyday.

Slowly, I got better until I was completely healed and I honestly owe it all to outdoors, focusing on myself, my health and all the positive things around."

When Sabrina was 16 she experienced her biggest accomplishment.

"My biggest accomplishment was to face my fears.

They used to stop me from doing many things which I ended up regretting not doing.

During high school, I was in a special program based on sports and outdoor activities. That’s when I got to face my fears because they would always push us to our absolute limits while facing incredible heights or things that would make you feel so much adrenaline that you could even end up crying by simply imagining to do it.

Yet, our teachers would never give up until we faced our fears and pushed our boundaries, which got me angry many times.

But today, I am thankful for the many times they’ve forced me to do things I was afraid to do back then.

They’ve helped me stepping over my fears and not allow them to stop me in life and I think that’s what everyone should do in order to be able to enjoy this life way better and not miss a thing about it."

Written by Sabrina Champagne.

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bravo Sabrina continue ton rêve car sen rêve on est rien .haha.

claude champagne November 02, 2017

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