I felt my world physically crash. I didn't know how to live my life the same way.

Madison's biggest obstacle to overcome happened when she was 20.

"I have not been in too many horrible situations.

But, one of the most difficult things I've gone through is losing one of my best friends. This past year, my friend was electrocuted on the job and died.

My heart had never been so shattered before... I felt my world physically crash. I didn't know how to live my life the same way. Seeing my friends and family dwell in such pain just made everything so much worse & knowing I couldn't physically be there for his family because they were from another state... clearly not a good situation.

On top of that, I was already struggling with some depression and very low self esteem and confidence due to other things in my past. So losing him was the frosting on the cake... that no one ever wanted to have to eat.

As you can tell from this, I was in a very dark place for several months. But! I did make it through. I was shown the goodness about myself. I had always told others the good of themselves. But I started to receive the same message back from others. And now? I am at peace with what has happened. I truly have.. peace.

I would just pray and seek His help. I sought out my friends and over poured a ton. But, my cup was fulfilled when my eyes were open to my behavior, my life and the way I was living it.

That's what got me through this: I looked in a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual mirror.. and I decided to let God fix the cracks and wounds. And here I am today... happy and whole, and at peace."

Written by Madison Mallard.

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