"I could not believe the small crush I had is asking me to be his girlfriend."

"I had seen him in my sophomore year of high school, his senior year of high school. I asked about him, but our friends never introduced us until I left public school to be homeschooled. I took college courses while I did my high school courses. We had each other on social media so he saw and knew I was taking college courses. He had reached out to ask about the classes I was taking and we started to get to know each other little by little. Soon, we started hanging out before and after classes. The day came where we were laughing and just having fun joking around before I had to study, he told me he had a gift. He kept leading me on this guessing game of gifts until he finally said 'it's me, I want to be your boyfriend.' I was shocked because I could not believe the small crush I had is asking me to be his girlfriend. I gladly accepted and now smile on the memory and decision I made. With each passing day we get to know something new about each other. Every year we go through our season of struggles and joy. We have learned about the beauty in overcoming the pain of our pasts. Every obstacle that has come our way poses a new challenge, but we have always found hope and had faith when we remembered we have each other, always. He made me a promise about our future and set it in stone in my ring. I wanted for him to have this gift as a reminder I am always with him as he gave me his gift. He can see the love and appreciation I have for him and our relationship. I wanted him to experience a feeling of love and dedication I have for him when he sees the words 'always with you'." - Irene Mendoza

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