"I didn’t know this kind of happiness and soul fulfilling love existed until I found him."

"5 years ago I was divorced, with 2 amazing kids and staying with my parents until I could get back on my feet. The last year of that marriage was very difficult, unhealthy, toxic and unstable for me and my children. Once I found the strength to get out and move back home, that’s when things really got tough. To anyone who has kids and goes through divorce knows how bumpy the road is ahead. Luckily, I have a wonderful family who helped me stand on my own 2 feet again. A year later we were settled into our own little apartment, I started a new position at work and the kids were settling in nicely. My sister told me about a dating app she was on and that I should try the 30 day free trial, just to get myself out there and I thought- why not? That is where I found my future husband, Kyle. It started with a few messages between us then in the next week we were texting everyday. We talked on the phone for 3 months before we decided to meet in person. I had learned that Kyle was also recently divorced with 2 kids as well. His previous marriage and divorce had been very difficult, like mine, and the similarities we shared were unreal. We wanted to take our time and make sure things were right before we opened our hearts to someone new. When we met for the first time I took my son and daughter to his farm house to meet him and his 2 sons. It was like we were old friends that had known each other for years, comfortable and easy. And the kids got along so well. We ate dinner, played kick ball in the yard with the kids and sat on the back porch talking for hours. We spent the next year getting to know each other, traveling 30 miles to be with each other and falling in love. The next year we married, but only after Kyle got the blessing from our kids to do so. We blended our families together and had a child together after our first year of marriage. We have overcome so many obstacles and grown stronger as a couple. Dealing with our exes, moving our family to a new home, having a baby, changing career paths, and learning what it means to be a blended family just to name a few. He is my rock, my true love, and my best friend. I didn’t know this kind of happiness and soul fulfilling love existed until I found him. With Kyle as my partner I know we can accomplish anything, climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest sea. I am stronger with him by my side." - Michelle Roach

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I just love and admire your story. It’s quite similar to ours, and I will be sharing it soon.

Sending many happy blessings your way!

Mary Abel April 01, 2021

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