"I will be there to pick her back up and embrace her as she has done with me"

"I met my wife Brooke in 2009. We dated until the spring of 2010, when I had decided she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I had just graduated from basic Police Academy in Idaho, and proposed to her at the Officers memorial following the graduation ceremony. I am currently a detective. I have worked many nights, holidays, weekends, second and third jobs, and long hours and days with much stress and little pay. My wife has endured all of this with me. We now have three beautiful children together, a very nice home and a wonderful life. Hard work, dedication, and commitment paid off through the years. She has been a stay at home mom nearly this entire time. She has worked so hard keeping a clean home and raising children and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done and all the support. We found in August 2020 that she is in stage 4 metastatic breast cancer with secondary cancers in other parts of the body and was given 3-5 years left to live. We could not help but think of death and how this will affect our lives. My wife is in her 4th month of chemo treatments and has 2 months left to go. She will then have multiple surgeries and hopefully be cancer free by this summer. We have prayed and have had so much support in our community and families and we are very thankful for all that have been behind us. My wife’s recent PET scan has shown that 90 percent of the cancer cells have died. We have remained strong and understand that life is ever changing. And with every change positive or negative there is something to be learned and always a reason to fight and stay strong. I came across these bracelets and thought about how much my wife and I have been through and how much stronger our relationship has become. I ordered these bracelets as a reminder of how far we have come in our journey together and that if my wife ever feels down on life I will be there to pick her back up and embrace her as she has done with me". Nathan Severine

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