"I met the love of my life in 2010 and saying it’s been quite a journey is an understatement."

"I met the love of my life in 2010 and saying it’s been quite a journey is an understatement. We’ve been through more trials and tribulations then I can even begin to explain or even know where to start. We moved from Ohio to beautiful South Carolina in 2015 to start a new life, make new dreams, and own a little beach house. However, in 2017 those dreams became a little dim as I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometrial cancer. I went through two surgeries in 2018 to remove affected areas and started a 6 month Chemo treatment process. This was the roughest 6 months of our lives as I was in constant pain, nausea, experiencing hair loss, weight loss, no energy, and super depressed. After treatments I was in remission, and that slowly put a smile back on my face until 5 months later. Exactly 5 months later, I was told that the cancer had come back in a different area and the best option would be radiation. I endured 5 external treatments, and would then stay in the hospital for 4 days while receiving daily internal radiation. During the hospital stay, I would receive an epidural to numb/paralyze my lower half as to not add more injury while the radiation needles were placed. This process also included me to remain flat on my back, and no movement or touch from anyone. My wife traveled 2 hours each way everyday to be with me even though she worked her job, and I slept the whole time. Once that was completed we learned a new growth had started right above the treatment area. At this point I had become extremely depressed, wondering what I did so wrong to deserve all of this. I hated the world and everyone around me, I began to doubt my faith. I lost myself. I began an immune therapy trial in 2019, and after 6 months it was discovered that it wasn’t working, and the cancer had once again spread and was now in my lungs. I’ve been fighting this ugly demon for 2 years now and each step of the way my wife Amber has been there. She’s held my hand when I could barely move, held me tight as my hair was shaved off due to loss, she’s helped clean me up when I’m my sickest, she’s googled every at home remedy you could think of to try and help with the pain and side effects. Together we have come to accept this disease and find some peace with it. Most of all, she’s helped me find myself again. I smile more now and get up everyday excited to see what the day entails. It’s still a little scary with the not knowing, but with her by my side I can do anything! We enjoy life once again and take trips to build memories. Spending more time with family and those we love. One day at a time one step at a time. Through this journey one point always remains and sticks out the most, WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! So when I saw this bracelet my heart skipped a beat and I knew we had to have it! So thank you, thank you for making this beautiful meaningful piece."

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