My husband and I are best friends

"My husband and I are best friends. We are inseparable. So much so, we were willing to adjust our cost of living for the opportunity to work together. He is the Fitness Manager and Head Trainer at Genesis Health Clubs in Springfield, MO, and I am their Operations Manager. As of today, he has been battling COVID-19 in the ICU for 30 days and on ECMO life support for 26. He was admitted to Mercy Hospital on November 9 just two days after our 5th wedding anniversary. I have been sleeping in the waiting room every night since he’s been here. November 30, I was able to talk to him and hold his hand whereas, before, I could only look at him through the window of his N-95. That was the first time we had been in the same room in 3 long weeks. The day I purchased your “Stronger Together” bracelets was the day his doctor sat down with me and told me he was afraid my husband only had 9 more days on the life support machine. He had 9 days to show improvement (at this point, he still had not come out of his sedation) or they would have to call a larger facility and ask them to accept a transfer where he might be eligible for a lung transplant. In the event that the facility rejected the transfer, his doctor would have to take him off of the machine and he would most likely die because it was unethical to leave a patient on ECMO treatment for more than 30 days without significant signs of progression. I bought the bracelets with the hope that I would be able to tell my husband this story and let him know that we are always stronger together. Since then, he has woken up from his coma and is very responsive but we are not out of the woods yet. He still has a long journey ahead of him but he will always know that I’m traveling with him. He doesn’t have to fight this alone because we are stronger together."❤️


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