"She is my gift from God..."

"Where do I begin... For most of my life I lived alone in a crowd. At an early age drugs and alcohol took over my life. This actually led to many years in prison with 2 failed marriages. Then in 2020 here comes a pandemic right after a divorce. I had all but given up on love. Then one day I had seen it was an acquaintance’s birthday. Just as a gesture I said happy birthday. She nicely responded, and there a conversation began. We then began to talk for hours a day. That was mid April. In May I drove 5 hours to see her. I knew then I would spend my life with her. In June I proposed, then in July she moved to my city. Then in August we got married. I am getting these bracelets because I know she is my gift from God, and that together we are stronger. She has an amazing testimony and together we will change the world." - Donnell Mann

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