"During my college year I told him not to ask me to marry him until I was finished. He asked me anyways."

"My husband and I met in high school. He was a sophomore and I was a junior. We were introduced by a mutual friend. We became friends very quickly. I kept telling him I wanted to be his girlfriend and he made me wait until April 2, 2010. That night he called me and said “okay, we can date now”. And from then on, we have been together. We used to bicker and argue a lot during our high school years. We had a lot of friends try to break us up and tell us it would never work since we argued so much. But we pushed passed all the negativity. Once we both graduated high school, I went to college for nursing. He waited until I graduated with my LPN degree before he started college. During my college year I told him not to ask me to marry him until I was finished. He asked me anyways. We went to my favorite Chinese restaurant and while we were in the car getting ready to go in, he handed me a card. In the card he wrote how happy he was with our relationship, and how he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with me. Me, being the typical hungry woman said, “awe that’s so sweet. Now can we go eat?” Once we got inside my husband was carrying a sweatshirt over his shoulder and wouldn’t put it down. I told him to set his sweater down while we went to get our food from the buffet, and if someone took his sweatshirt while we were getting our food then they needed it more than he did… not knowing the ring box was in the pocket of the sweatshirt! After we sat down with our food he pulled the ring out and ask me to marry him. Of course I said yes! We were both 20 years old, young and in love. During our engagement we were still told by friends that it would never work, people constantly questioned if I was pregnant because we were still so young. We showed them that we were just in love. After getting married we lived in a little one bedroom apartment, and had so many trials. From dealing with parents divorcing and letting parents live with us, to having two miscarriages and parents with cancer, and moving into roughly 6-7 different places. Now we have two beautiful children. A girl and a boy, two children the doctors said we would never have. Through the past 11 years we have been through so many things, and we can honestly say that neither one of us could have dealt with any of this alone. We are definitely stronger together".

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