"It's amazing what intensity...And I was in love within 6 months"

"I met my husband on Zoosks dating site. He was oh so handsome, and his bio said all that I was looking for. I sent him a message. His response was he was a broke father with 5 kids was I ok with that? Lol. My response was and??? Lol. We talked via text for three months before meeting. It's amazing what intensity you can create with only words and pictures without physical interaction. When we finally met, it was instant connection. And I was in love within 6 months. We married in 2018, and have grown stronger and more in love than before. We have 8 children between us. All over 18 except two twin boys that are 11. We love our family. We love each other and I am stronger with his love and vice versa". - Elizabeth Bellew

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