"We always found a way because we had each other."

"I recently purchased 2 of the stronger together bracelets, one for me and one for my husband. We have been together half my life and there is no one on earth I would rather be with. Our life has not been easy. We met in college and almost 3 years later had our first baby when I was 21 years old. You can imagine how tough that was. Financially the struggle was real. We managed, we always found a way because we had each other. About 2 years later we had our second baby. Living life in NY was not easy, Long Island is crazy expensive. We were also the youngest parents around so our social life was also a challenge. None of our friends had kids and the parents we would meet through our kids were much older than us. Again we managed. We were always happier together and always had more fun just us anyway. Music and dancing in the kitchen making dinner. After our boys went to school we felt like something was missing. We were in the work, school, sports routine. I had 2 boys and wanted to try for a girl. Well... we didn’t have a girl. We had our 3rd boy. Our baby boy was born with Down syndrome. How could that be? I was only 29 years old, much too young to ever have thought that would happen. It did. It was very scary and we had no idea what to expect. Our lives changed for the better when he was born. We did need help so we left NY and have built a new life in North Carolina. The weather is better and the taxes are cheaper. Our baby is now 7 years old, he is our favorite! The most special gift in the universe! The most amazing child. My husband and I do life together. We laugh and cry together. Recently my husband has been struggling with mental health. He has been hospitalized twice now. He’s feeling down and guilty. I don't always know what to do or say to him but I always want him to know I’m here for him and that will never change. I’m hoping that when he wears the bracelet he will know that everything will be ok and we can get through anything together. The second I saw it I knew I had to buy it. This is our story, we can get through anything together!" - Kelly

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